About Radon Be Gone

Meet John Seidel - Owner
Continuing Education Instructor for Radon Professionals
Owner of Radon Be Gone Corp.
Has taught radon constructions classes for over 5 years. John is nationally certified by NRPP, AARST and the EPA. He has installed over 6500 radon systems including new construction and commercial buildings. His certifications include; NRPP National Radon Installer, NRPP national radon tester, and is nationally certified for Multi-Family & Large Building mitigation. He is on the  national speaker bureau for NRPP & AARST for radon education. He has several classes approved on both the state and national level regarding radon and construction. He is currently a field instructor in radon for two of the five schools across the United States.

Will Any Radon Company Do For Your Family and Home?

We are certified & qualified to do all types of radon testing & mitigation

We have the experience and expertise you can trust to do the job right. We have installed thousands of systems since 2007. Our systems and results are guaranteed. Our systems are a high quality, better looking, non intrusive system.

Our Accomplishments:

  • Radon be Gone has done four different grant mitigations for the State of Utah
  • Radon Be Gone has mitigated an historic building and city library in Beaver Utah
  • Radon Be Gone has mitigated an armed/secure data storage facility built into solid granite
  • RBG has completed work on 2 sub-divisions and and over 10 custom homes.
  • Radon Be gone has completed RRNC (radon resistant new construction)

How Our Systems Work

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