Some of Our Clients' Comments

"Radon Be Gone did an amazing job! The guys that did the installation were courteous, efficient, informative, and quick. The price matched my budget and their timeline to install was within my schedule. My radon levels went from 6.3 to 0.8 in just a week after competition. Salli was amazing to work with regards to payment and the whole team communicated and is an example of great customer service. I will recommend Radon Be Gone to all my friends." Best regards, Patti R.

"Radon Be Gone did an excellent job, the results speak for themselves.  We went from a 8.2 picocuries to .7" Dan Ogden, UT

“John Seidel from radon Be Gone was prompt, professional and my client and I were very pleased with the results.” Mike Holt (Realtor) Harrisville, UT

“Radon Be Gone helped us out with short notice but what was really impressive about the service was the quality and results.  My clients property went from 19 picocuries to .8.” (PDS Real Estate) Salt Lake City, UT

“We have worked with Radon Be Gone on a number of properties in the past, what really stands out is the results.  We had a property in Draper test at 25.8 picocuries and Radon Be Gone was able to get the levels down to under .2 with a side by side re-test on the post mitigation.” Robert (AmeriSpec) Salt Lake City, UT

"I'm thoroughly impressed. I left an email yesterday asking to reduce noise on an existing system installed Jan 2013. When I got home this evening, I heard a voice mail ask for permission to improve on the system. Then I immediately notice the difference, the noise is gone for completely. I could not believe how quiet it is. I went out to check things out and just found that you guys already replaced the old fan with a brand new fan with a complete new design. It is so quiet now that I can't even hear much at all standing outside by the fan. There is absolutely no noise what so ever inside the wall in the family room. I did not expect that to happened and you guys completely eliminated the noise by installing a brand new fan.

Thank you so much for the quick response and service to your customer!

I will whole heartedly recommend Radon Be Gone to anybody who wants a Radon system.


Xian Draper, UT