Can Radon Hurt Resale

Radon gas is a known carcinogen, and exposure to it can lead to lung cancer. This is a serious health concern that can make potential buyers wary of purchasing a home with high radon levels. Can radon hurt resale? If a potential buyer knows that a home has high radon levels, they may be less likely to make an offer. They may even ask for a significant reduction in the price to cover the cost of radon mitigation.


Test Your Home For Radon

You can get an accurate test from $20 to $150. If a test reveals high radon levels, the cost of mitigation can be even higher. The average cost ranges from $1,600 to $1,700. This does not include mitigating a crawl space or other complexities that may exist in the home. This additional cost can make a home less attractive to potential buyers. Besides, the buyer might instead want to spend their money on other upgrades or improvements to the home.


Resale With Radon

Many states and municipalities have laws that require sellers to disclose known radon levels in a home, or to have the home tested for radon before it is sold. In Utah, there are no laws or code for building radon mitigation systems. However, most real estate agents are aware of the need to test and build mitigation systems if needed. If all else fails, ask your agent about radon levels in the home you are looking to purchase.

Some buyers might be hesitant to buy a home that has had a radon issue, even if the issue has been fixed with a radon mitigation system. They might worry that there might be other issues with the house or the location that could cause future problems after moving in. Having a system in place, and a recent, accurate test can help the buyers feel comfortable with the home.

Can Radon Hurt Resale

Having a high radon level in your home might also discourage some home buyers from considering your home as an option. Buyers may want to avoid the additional cost of testing and mitigation, and the potential health risks that come with high radon levels. Especially if there ends up being complexities in putting in a mitigation system, I.E., large crawl space needing mitigated adds more costs.

It’s important to note that many homes that have high radon levels can be successfully mitigated. The presence of radon does not necessarily mean a home will not sell. Additionally, If a home with high radon levels is properly mitigated and the radon levels are brought down to a safe level, it can often sell for the same price as a home without radon issues.


Radon Mitigation Warranty

There are mitigation companies that warranty the system. This warranty stays with the home. Ask  your mitigation company about their warranty.


Radon Resale Value

In conclusion, high levels of radon gas in a home can potentially hurt its resale value for many reasons. There are serious health concerns associated with radon exposure. The cost of testing, mitigation, and potential buyer concerns over the home’s history can also be a factor. With proper testing, mitigation, and communication with potential buyers, a home with high radon levels can still be sold successfully.