Radon Charcoal Test Instructions

Read the following Radon Charcoal Test Instructions in order to properly test your home for radon.

What Comes in the Radon Charcoal Test Kit:

how to fix radon

  • Charcoal Test (filter side up)
  • Shipping Envelope (do next day  or 2 day shipping)
  • Personal Information Sheet to be sent in

Radon Charcoal Test Instructions

  1. Fill out the information form so that the lab can send you the results, the fastest way to get your results is to add your email address. 
  2. When you are ready to start the test, open both bags with the kit in it and take the kit out (test kit should not have any bags left covering it).
  3. Place the kit with the paper side up so the radon can get into the kit (filter facing up). Place at least 20 inches off the ground, 1 foot away from exterior wall, if exterior wall has door or window – more than 3 feet away from door or window, and in a lowest livable space (family room, living room, bedroom, …; NOT in a cold storage, bathroom, utility room, kitchen, or laundry room – see below).
  4. Need closed door conditions – DO NOT have doors and windows left open for long periods of time; only to go in and out for normal everyday living. Leaving doors and windows open dilutes radon in the home and will produce inaccurate results.
  5. Recommend testing from a Saturday AM to that Monday AM (or Friday PM to Sunday PM) so the test kit can be shipped Monday morning. Ship the package with same day or next day delivery (best not to have the kit mailed over weekend delaying reaching destination to perform the lab work). If the test kit has been in the mail too long, it will be voided by the lab.
  6. After 48 hours, put the test kit and the personal information sheet into the included envelope and mail.
  7. Expect 6-10 days to get the results back.


DO NOT place in the following areas:

  • Kitchen Granite Countertops or slate pool tables
  • Along Exterior Wall (less than 1 foot)
  • Within 3 Feet Exterior wall with Door or Window
  • On floor (or under 20 inches above floor level)
  • Furnace or Mechanical rooms
  • Storage Areas (including Cold Storage)
  • Laundry Room, Bathroom, Kitchen
  • Non livable Areas
  • Closets, Cabinets
  • Nooks within foundation, Crawl Space
  • Near Heat Sources (appliance, radiators, fireplaces, direct sunlight)
  • Near Drafts caused by Fans, Heating, or A/C Vents, , away from air ducts (return and supply)

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